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Lazy morning and a late breakfast here at the Westin we took our last walk around Times Square and did some shopping.


 Emma now the owner of a Lady Liberty Barbie and Nath a new Graffiti flatcap. Everyone was happy!

Amongst the throng of patriotic people celebrating the 4th of July we found the Naked Cowboy! Claudia has been looking for him all week and the morning she’s not here he shows up!! We took plenty of photos!!


  We joined a short queue fortunately at Ellen’s Stardust Diner where the waiters sing while you dine. The ultimate in multitasking!! The place had a great vibe and the food wasn’t bad either. Most of the staff go from serving burgers to the Broadway stage.. So maybe we were served by a future star!!






Best of all it was the last thing of Emma’s list of to Dos!! So success!

Back to the hotel for showers and then our transfer out to JFK. We were told as its Independence Day traffic could be bad but fortunately we had the dream run to the airport.

Kids and I are all checked in and ready to go on our SQ flight via Frankfurt and Craig is a couple of hours behind us on Qatar via Doha!

It’s been the best holiday with so many highlights and good times. We squeezed in a lot!! 

Now to return to the Little Red Dot and ward off post holiday depression with plans of the next one!!