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A very happy birthday to our boy… can hardly believe he is 14 years old! I’m sticking to not aging!!!

Starting the day with presents and the. A breakfast buffet is not a bad way to start the day!
Off to Kuta beach to find out surf instructor from last year and get some boards!

At station 212 outside the Sheraton you’ll find Nung a great Balinese boy with some mad surf skills.  He remembered the kids from last year and was very happy to see us back again!

Waiting for the tide to head out a bit more the kids body surfed until it was time!

Both Emma and Nathan doing so well in the waves and fine tuning  their skills.. turning and riding along the waves. All going well until Nath and Emma had a collision… the point  of Nath’s surfboard going into Emma’s arm.  Bruising straight away for poor Emma and our first thoughts of it being broken.  After icing and peeling the wetsuit off she calmed down. Poor Nath feeling terrible. But definitely not his fault.

After the beach it was time for an “Aussie Pie” and a Bintang!

Back to the hotel for a swim and Emma and Zoey rescuing a sick bird by the pool. Helping it back up into its nest!

Time for a Super yummy chocolate cake in honour of the birthday boy and then keeping him happy watching the NRL grand final in the hotel bar!

Out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe… with them surprising us with a little musical. Irthday song for Nathan and a cream pie in the face!  Nathan taking everything in great humour considering he hates being the centre of attention!

A great night but very tired after our day of Sun, sand and surf!
Happy birthday Nacho,  Nath, Natho… we love you!