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Our day started at Grand Central Station with a look around this beautiful old building then a breakfast stop to fortify us for the morning!

 We walked up to the Chrysler Building and get a closer look at its protecting gargoyles towards the top of the building and a quick peek inside the buildings Art Deco foyer.

A walk up to the beautiful New York Public Library and Craig took the kids off to nearby Bryant Park for the kids to have a run around, meanwhile Claire, Marty and I snuck off in search of coffee and a delicious one we did find!!! 

 Unfortunately the grass in the park was closed so the kids and Craig had to hang out waiting for us!! Oops! The coffee was very good though!

Bryant Park is another beautiful park with plenty of activities on offer, table tennis and reading corners for kids to read books in. You could easily waste hours here!

Onto the subway to Lexington Ave in search of Sprinkles Cupcake ATM… Genius! The ATM is attached to their shop and bakery and their products were delicious! Great gimmick to try out!

We walked across Park Avenue to 5th Avenue in search of FAO Schwarz toy store… As expected chaos and unfortunately as they are closing in 10 days stock was low but we did manage to see the Big Piano Tom Hanks played in Big! 

 Nath managed to finally spend his cash at the Apple store and buy his Beats headphones and is a very happy 12 year old!

The Nimmos had to head back to their hotel to start packing for the next part of their adventure so we headed back Downtown to South Ferry to do our helicopter ride… Craig’s the same weand my birthday present! 

Super excitement!! Helicopter pilot Brandon took us out around the Statue of Liberty up along Manhattan and circle up over the George Washington Bridge. It was a beautifully clear day, one Brandon said he sees once or twice every couple of weeks… So we picked the day well! It was a spectacular sight and another top highlight for all of us!

Regrouped with the Nimmos for drinks and our final dinner of the trip!! A lovely Italian restaurant called Amarona on 9th and 47th Street. We all got to share our highlights and weird things we’d seen on the trip, a great way to finish!

A walk through Times Square so the boys could see the body painted naked  ladies who pose for photos!! No takers in our group!!

Sad to say farewell to our wonderful travelling companions … It’s been so much fun to be able to share the last two weeks experiences together, memories to last a lifetime! Until the next trip!!!


It’s going to be a very quiet last day for us tomorrow!