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This year the Astridge family congregated to the Coromandel Peninsula to the holiday hamlet of Pauanui.  My Sister in law, Lee and her husband Mo hosting the whole tribe at their new beach house in Pauanui.

Nostalgia was the theme of this Christmas.. reliving Christmas of our younger years. The Astridge kids having many stories and traditions… maybe a selective memory on their parents part.

The stage was set ….a branch from a hedge serving as our Christmas tree (apparently that happened one year!)… a sit down Christmas lunch in theme with our nostalgia menu… prawn cocktails, ham, lamb and turkey.  Meringues and steamed pudding to finish the day. Not forgetting the Griffins sampler biscuit box… you could only choose one plain and one fancy biscuit.. just like the old days!
Plenty of gifts and laughs and of course water sports and backyard Cricket to keep everyone active!