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An early start out to Selong Blanak. This time the kids headed out on the waves with Solomon our driver.  It didn’t take Solomon long to swap Emma off her foam board and on to a fibreglass board.  Needless to say she was very excited to be like her big Brother!

Craig even had a go on a few waves but tired quickly! I firmly stuck to photography!

After lunch and some relaxing time we headed to Mawan Beach.  A beautiful half moon shaped bay perfect for swimming. The kids enjoying being dumped by the swell body surfing.  We all had fun watching the Korean tourists posing for photos a little close the the tide line being taken out by the waves!

Back to Yuli’s and this evening Mike and Yuli hosted us for a delicious curry dinner.  The kids all trying the array of dishes and surprisingly finding some favourites … one being the chicken curry!! Be needing that recipe!

Finishing up with teaching 5 year old Miah the chopstick MnM game!  A little trickier tonight with the mini MnMs!

Our last night on Lombok, no more 4:30am wakes ups from the near by mosque!!