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It’s been 7 years since our last visit to Phuket and in all our times here we’ve never made it to Phi Phi Island.

We were all excited… well maybe not Nate (the 14 year old not a fan of the early wake up call on holiday!) All we’ve heard is how stunning it is… beautiful white sand beaches and Long tail boats gliding through the turquoise Andaman Sea.

Maya Bay… Looking for Leo!

Long slow trip!!


Our reality a little different… the day started overcast so obviously we weren’t going to get Phi Phi at its most vibrant.  Our taxi driver dropped us at the Phi Phi Cruiser terminal (this is the slow boat! Instead of the small  fast ferry terminal over the other side of the inlet!)

There is only one option of company for the slow ferry and that is Phi Phi Cruiser… the one and a half hour trip they tell you at check in turned out to be three hours by the time we docked. The boat is overcrowded and slow!
On our way out there we did take is some spectacular craggy rock scenery and past Maya Bay the screen location for Leo Di Caprio in The Beach movie on Koh Phi Phi Leh… if your expecting to see the sand.. think again! The bay is packed with long tails and fast ferries all rafted together along the beach.

Good luck getting to The Beach!


When we arrived at the ferry terminal on Phi Phi we roughly had 2 and a half hours till we had to be back on board for our return ferry back to Phuket. So we made it across the island to settle ourselves on the beach for some sun and swimming .
Unfortunately this small island can not cope with the thousands that disembark everyday. The beach and water is a wash with litter and the water isn’t the usual Thailand crystal clear due to the number of boats that come in close to the shore and kick up a lot of silt.

Main Pier on Phi Phi


Why people want to leave some of the beautiful beaches along the the west coast of Phuket we aren’t sure…. but now we can say we’ve been and we won’t be returning.

Perhaps if we had been on a smaller boat (and this is not a cheap option) you would be able to explore the less populated beaches.
So back on the ferry (only two hours for the return), good chance to chat with the kids and people watch the variety of nationalities that make this pilgrimage.

Koh Phi Phi… sorry but we think you’re overated!