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So this morning we woke to more serious news of an ash plume from Mt Rinjani in the north of Lombok.  Hikers evacuating the mountain but we are safe here in the south.  Thanks to our lovely friends and family sending messages. 
The kids and the Adam family set off to Selong Blanak to hit the surf early while I waited for Craig flight to arrive.

Great surf for the kids.  Nath coming off the fibreglass board and the nose of the board breaking off. 

Another delicious lunch at Laut Biru and an afternoon of beach games and boogie boarding.   

An afternoon thunderstorm closed our beachtime and we headed back to Yuli’s.

After pool time we headed out for dinner with Mike and Yuli and a few girls from the village for dinner. On of the girls, Wisma, the little girl we sponsor. So lovely to see her growing into a lovely young lady and her English is excellent.. much better than our Sasak or Bahasa!!

Fun for all the girls to talk and play ipad games together.

At the end of the evening Yuli took us for a drive around Kuta.. the development over the last few years in the little village has been crazy! Tourism.. a double edged sword!