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The last two days we’ve enjoyed hanging out as a family of four.

We have also changed hotel moving to the Sheraton on the beach, lucky enough to spend a few days here last year also.

This being Craig’s 25th stay at a Sheraton we’ve been treated to a suite and some lovely treats in the room.  We can get used to this!

The surfing has definitely ramped up. Nath going out with the fabulous Nang, giving him some great tips for fine tuning some skill.  Emma took a day off from surfing still resting her bruised arm so Craig decided to take the opportunity to take a lesson. Nath off to the big surf and Craig in the baby white wash.. Nath secretly enjoying that!

Craig nailed standing up after a few attempts but was tiring quickly… it’s off to start yoga and pilates for him!!

A big day for the boys finished off with a wander through town, a few market purchases, a delicious dinner and massages all round!

A fabulous brunch, everything from dim sum to eggs to icecream!! … its going to be hard going back to smoothies and toast for breakfast!

Fruit and a Churros.. breakfast of champions

Today Emma decided to try out her arm in the waves and she did brilliantly. Nang taking her out to the bigger surf out the back and passing on more of his surf wisdom.  Nang’s Korean Wife even joining everyone out on the waves today.

Nang showing his skill!

Craig enjoying the beach lounger and resting his muscles today. While I finished my first book of the holiday… Lie to Me by Sabine Durrant.  I can recommend as a good beach read… a bit of a Gone Girl twist set on a Greek Island.