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Day trip to Koh Phi Phi

It's been 7 years since our last visit to Phuket and in all our times here we've never made it to Phi Phi Island. We were all excited... well maybe not Nate (the 14 year old not a fan of the early wake up call on holiday!) All we've heard is how stunning it is......

The Year of Eric the Elf

The third year of of Eric the Elf has come to an end.  Another year of trying to keep the teen and tween in my house entertained... making sure there were no naff  Eric adventures.  This year a lot of focus on fun puns....  I think with the eyerolling I received I may...

Kiwi Christmas Pauanui Style

This year the Astridge family congregated to the Coromandel Peninsula to the holiday hamlet of Pauanui.  My Sister in law, Lee and her husband Mo hosting the whole tribe at their new beach house in Pauanui. Nostalgia was the theme of this Christmas.. reliving...

Beach and Beach Clubs

Our last three days have been lazy time on the beach.. enjoying the golden sand of the Kuta/Legian beaches. The kids getting a years worth of surfing into these short days.  Nang has been great assisting them getting out through the break and giving them some surf...

All by ourselves!

The last two days we've enjoyed hanging out as a family of four. We have also changed hotel moving to the Sheraton on the beach, lucky enough to spend a few days here last year also. This being Craig's 25th stay at a Sheraton we've been treated to a suite and some...

Shopping days!!

Our days falling into that wonderful lazy holiday pattern of slow breakfasts... eating way too much at the buffet to then lounge at the beach! But today the girls have decided to hit the shops and markets of Senggigi! The traffic of Bali increases every time we...

Nathan turns 14!!!!

A very happy birthday to our boy... can hardly believe he is 14 years old! I'm sticking to not aging!!! Starting the day with presents and the. A breakfast buffet is not a bad way to start the day! Off to Kuta beach to find out surf instructor from last year and get...

Farewell Lombok.. hello Bali!

A lazy morning poolside at Yuli's. The boys wandered into Kuta to money change and check out some of the new establishments in town. Can recommend MILK for a good cappuccino and avocado toast! Farewells to Mike, Yuli, Miah and Emily for another year and it was off to...

Hang 10!!!

An early start out to Selong Blanak. This time the kids headed out on the waves with Solomon our driver.  It didn't take Solomon long to swap Emma off her foam board and on to a fibreglass board.  Needless to say she was very excited to be like her big Brother! Craig...

Another day in paradise!

So this morning we woke to more serious news of an ash plume from Mt Rinjani in the north of Lombok.  Hikers evacuating the mountain but we are safe here in the south.  Thanks to our lovely friends and family sending messages.  The kids and the Adam...

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